Next Clinic: September 22-24, 2017 (Palo Alto, CA)

The Women in Coaching Clinic is a conference and forum for those who think about, talk about, and are invested in the development of swimming as a sport and career for women and girls.

We invite women coaches, professionals, and their allies to continue the conversation by participating in WICC 2017. We hope to attract people of all genders who are interested in a deeper understanding of gender in coaching.

Our clinic is a celebration of women in coaching, a time to educate and empower coaches through developing support networks and facilitating dialogue. We acknowledge that sexism exists in this community and worldwide. We believe that through thought-provoking workshops, dynamic conversations, resource sharing, and community building, we can support each others’ professional and personal aspirations and work towards greater gender equity in all levels of professional swim coaching.

Our workshops will look at the messages that we send our athletes of all genders and discuss how we can work to empower and support all athletes and coaches to reach their highest potential. Our 2017 conference aims to explore how we grow, build, nurture, and align coaches at all levels interested in learning, teaching, connecting, and building community geared towards social change.

We know that community and mentorship relationships are an invaluable resource for women coaches and hope that this conference will serve as a launching point for an ongoing conversation.

Please learn more by contacting our 2017-2018 Planning Committee.

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