2014: Spotlight on Verónica Hernández!

Verónica Hernández has coached every level of athlete from lessons to masters and has be a Head Age Group Coach for two club teams. News_P1_272548.jpg

In addition to her on-deck accomplishments, Verónica Hernández works actively as part of the LSC and Zone leadership. She is an active member of the Pacific Swimming Board and has served as Vice-Chair of Zone 1 South and Age Group Vice-Chair of the Pacific Swimming Executive Board. She is also a Pacific Swimming Member-At-Large.

Coach Verónica is one of the longest standing All-Star coaches in Pacific, having coached on all four of the different All-Star meets that Pacific Swimming offers.  She is also an active member of the Pacific Diversity Committee, and has been the Camp Director for all of the Diversity Camps to date, as well as having coached the National Diversity Select Camp at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  Additionally, she will be the director for the first ever Western Zone Diversity Camp held at Cal State East Bay later this year.

Welcome coach Verónica Hernández (Albany Armada Aquatics)

Nathan Adrian takes part in Pacific Swimming Diversity Select Camp (USA Swimming)

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