Upcoming Clinic! September 5 – 6, Davidson College (Davidson, NC)

One month from now we will be rocking and rolling at the Women in Coaching Clinic in Davidson, NC. Register now and it is only $60 per person. Bring your staff and we give you a discount too!

This is a different kind of clinic you don’t want to miss. Hear from some of the best female coaches in the country, PARTICIPATE in great group discussions to fire up your creativity and imagination, and learn HANDS ON with our water sessions where you can watch other coaches coach and learn to teach the drills, not just see them on a power point.

Great interactive sessions, water sessions where you can watch master coaches teach their favorite drills, and lots of great women to connect with that share your passion for moving forward the sport of swimming. Click below to download the registration form. Get them in soon so you can take advantage of the awesome early bird pricing!

Registration form available!


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