2015: Spotlight on Andi Kawamoto-Klatt

2015 Speedo Spotlight Speaker, Andi Kawamoto-Klatt commits to 2015 Women In Coaching Clinic!

coaching head shot copy

The speakers for the 2015 Women In Coaching Clinic continue to commit and they are looking forward to meeting all of you at this year’s clinic. Speedo has a long history of supporting the best swimmers and coaches in the sport and continues its commitment to coaches’ education, training and recognition by sponsoring Nova Coach, Andi Kawamoto-Klatt’s talk at the 2015 Women In Coaching Clinic. Kawamoto-Klatt’s specialties exceed beyond working with kids in the water as she brings the knowledge and experience earned through a Master’s degree in Psychology to the pool every day as well as a background in Pilates as a certified instructor. We are so excited to listen toKawamoto-Klatt’s vision of the sport and how she, and the coaches at NOVA, are moving toward that vision!

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