April 2015: Stanford Clinic Registration & Welcome!

Dear Women In Coaching Clinic Supporters and Participants,

We would like to announce the opening of enrollment for this year’s April clinic in Stanford, CA! We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the benefits of clinics such as 2015’s Women in Coaching Clinic! We value the ability to network, ask questions, address specific community topics, and discuss issues that are affecting all of us, as both coaches and people.  Large and small group settings allow for relationships and mentoring that are harder and harder to find in the coaching world. This clinic will focus on making sure that those who attend the clinic leave with the feeling that they were as much an integral part of the clinic as the speakers and organizers, so come ready to participate!

This year’s clinic will feature a one and a half day format with in-the-water sessions where coaches can watch or participate in coaching and teaching swimmers across all levels. This year’s participants can also choose to work with our “learn to swim” presenters who will take small groups of very young swimmers and run through programming designed to teach the basics of the strokes to our most beginning level of swimmer. The 2015 WICC will also feature presenters opening up about their experiences, philosophies, and aspirations as they present forum talks on subjects that they truly value.

Our Highlighted Speakers:

  • Speedo Spotlight Speaker: Andi Kawamoto-Klatt (Irvine Nova Aquatics)
  • Master’s Track: Cokie Lepinski (USA Masters Swimming) speaking on “How to Form Your Own Venture”
  • Athlete Representative: Rachel Acker (PASA/University of California Berkeley)

Age Group Speakers:

  • Annie Stein (DACA) speaking on “Leadership Roles”
  • Carlene Takaki (PASA) speaking on “Creating the Team Dynamic You Want”


  • Dana Kirk (PASA)
  • Laura Mitchell (PASA)

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