Rachel Stratton-Mills


In June of 2015, Glenn Mills, 1980 Olympic team member, and Rachel Stratton-Mills, multi-year US National Team and National Junior Team coach (and baby Madison too!) will embark on a year-long nationwide journey… to connect with swimmers, families, and coaches who are in the midst of the ultimate quest, to achieve excellence. On Our Quest we are spending a year visiting swim teams across the United States, documenting the quest for excellence.

We’re taking a step back and re-educating ourselves as to what other’s do, that could make us better coaches… of course… sharing what we learn with all those interested.

We have a general path plotted, and would love to visit many of you and your teams along the way, so if you’re interested at all, you’ll be able to read more about our path and plan here: http://blog.goswim.tv/articles/16322. You can follow Our Quest online: http://ourquest.us/about/.

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