Samantha Arsenault Livingstone


“I look forward to sharing my story from all perspectives – as a swimmer, club coach and now as a high performance coach (and working mother)!”

Focusing on The Three Pillars of High Performance: Courage, Resilience and Perseverance, Livingstone will be addressing the ever present issue of perfectionism on the pool deck. Within months of standing on the Olympic podium, the intense pride and joy she felt was drowned out by the booming voice of her inner critic. Not athletic enough. Not lean enough. Not fast enough. Never enough. Not even a gold medal will do.

Livingstone will candidly address her fall – and the rising skills she needed to climb her way back to the top of the podium. She’ll provide coaches insight on what to look for in athletes and how to strengthen resiliency skills to empower the next generation to let go of perfection and the other limiting beliefs holding them back so they can embrace true high performance.

“I am really excited about the opportunity to dive in with the Women in Coaching Clinic. If we want to empower our kids to be brave leaders who go after their wildest dreams, we must step into that role first and lead by example. One of my goals is to help coaches identify and rewrite the limiting beliefs that are holding them back individually – empowering them to develop their brave voice and set themselves free to go after their wildest dreams while protecting what’s most important to them. If we are going to truly tackle the toxic culture of shame that is way too present on the pool deck, we must collectively band together as Women in Coaching to lift each other higher – we must move past the discomfort and strengthen our own rising skills.”

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